• Production and sale of tomatoes: Szczytniki 117, 62-865 Szczytniki, Poland


Cultivation of greenhouse tomato on our farm is carried out on rock mineral bed. Mineral wool is a highly effective growing substrate, characterized by high oxygen permeability and high absorption. Additionally, it easily maintains proper humidity. The most important asset of the mineral wool is its chemical properties. Mineral wool is of natural rock origin, therefore it does not react with the fertilizer. This allows very precise fertilization of the plants. The proper arrangement of fibers guarantees the optimum dosage of air, nutrients and water, thus enabling the moisture content of the mat to be adjusted to the current, changing needs of growing plants throughout the growing season. Using the right kind of mineral wool, we ensure that the seedlings are optimally mounted in the ground, which contributes to their rapid development.

All this provides optimum conditions for the growth and development of plants while providing the highest quality crop. In addition, this solution allows extending the production cycle of the tomato.

High crop is also affected by other factors, such as:

Climate - to provide the optimal conditions for the development of plants, in greenhouse cultivation the climate is controlled by computer.

Irrigation and fertilization - the plants are irrigated and fertilized with specially prepared fertilizer in precise doses, adapted to individual stages of plant growth. This allows keeping the plants in a good condition throughout the vegetation period and ensures high crop.

The most important feature of our tomatoes is their excellent taste, reminiscent of, so rare today, tomatoes that were once cultivated in home gardens. Their fruit, after reaching maturity, is sweet and juicy, and also very rich in minerals.

In our farm we rely only on biological pollination by bumble bees.