• Production and sale of tomatoes: Szczytniki 117, 62-865 Szczytniki, Poland

Production and sale of tomatoes

Production and sale of tomatoes

Cultivation of greenhouse tomato on our farm is carried out on a rock mineral bed.

Producer of tomatoes

To provide the optimal conditions for the development of plants, in greenhouse cultivation the climate is controlled by computer.

Greenhouse tomatoes
Irrigation and fertilization

The plants are irrigated and fertilized with specially prepared medium in precise doses.

The top quality tomatoes

The tomatoes from our farm are characterized by optimum hardness and durability, which is highly valued and sought after by the consumers. But the most important feature of our tomatoes is their excellent taste, reminiscent of, so rare today, tomatoes that were once cultivated in home gardens. Their fruit, after reaching maturity, is sweet and juicy, and also very rich in minerals.

The top quality tomatoes